Old Toms Bar
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Old Toms Bar Old Toms Bar Old Toms Bar


In the heart of Leadenhall Market lies a secret. Topple down the stairs and into Old Tom´s and you´ll discover it preserved through décor from ages gone by.

With wall tiles dating back to the 19th Century, the bar sets an atmospheric tone for you to meet, greet and enjoy our top quality food, drink and attentive service.

Old Tom´s Bar specialises in a unique collection of British cheese & charcuterie including a rather moreish vintage reserve cheddar, smoked Charnwood or try our Ogleshield- a West Country firm cheese served oozing melted over hot new potatoes.

For the meat we have rosemary & garlic roasted West Country sirloin of beef, slow roasted honey ham and a changing range of meats from local British supplier Cannon & Cannon.

But please don´t stop with our beautiful meats and cheeses, try our fabulous range of craft beers, including Meantime Pale Ale, Beavertown Neck Oil and Camden Hells Lager or why not a crisp Little Bird gin and tonic... there´s so much to choose from.

Old Tom himself, a gander full of personality, frequented the market in the early 1800´s and remains one of the most famous characters from Leadenhall´s past.
His fate was originally to be slaughtered along with thousands of other geese who had been sent here. However he escaped death and became a much loved character for traders and customers, and was fed at all the local inns. Known to the traders as ´Old Tom´ he eventually died at the age of 37 and lay in state before being buried here.